why should you exfoliate your face?

removing dead skin buildup on the skin is a vital change towards healthier-looking skin.

exfoliation is the removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin (known as the stratum corneum), promoting an improvement in texture and luminosity, in addition to cell renewal and reduction of blackheads - by unclogging the pores.

there are two types of exfoliation used in skincare: mechanical and chemical. the difference between them is how they achieve their goal.

  • mechanical exfoliation works by removing cells using friction. In addition to brushes and abrasive cleaning tools, substances containing small rough granules are used to remove the top layer of skin.
    choosing this exfoliating type is risky, even with homemade peels made from sugar grains. these grains, whether natural or synthetic.
    when observed microscopically, these grains have irregular and pointed edges which in traction with the skin may cause small scratches. The inflammation caused can result in scaring or keloids. 
    on the other hand...
    • chemical exfoliation is the best option. It occurs through solutions slightly more acidic than the skin, allowing them to gently peel away dead cells and shed them from living skin.

      glycolic acid, derived from sugarcane, acts in a non-abrasive way, detaching the dead skin bonds so that it sloughs off properly.

      Revive Glow, Midsummer's 7.5 % glycolic acid toner, is vegan and is composed of pure glycolic acid, diluted only in water. it works quickly and show fast results.

       the icing on the cake?

      revive glow also helps to stimulate collagen production while balancing oiliness, reducing blemishes, and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

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