Ayurveda by Renata de Abreu

Limited Edition Massage & Bath Oil

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Turn your relaxation routines easily into a moisturizing self-care indulgence. This quickly absorbed oil nourishes your body with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

It promotes healthy-looking skin while balancing your mind based upon Ayurvedic traditions.

Ayurveda has been derived from the Sanskrit term Ayus means life, and Veda meaning knowledge. It is the earliest method of conventional medicine in the world. It is being exercised in the Indian peninsula since 4000 BC to suggest natural ways to treat diseases and encourage healthcare.

Renata De Abreu is a Brazilian beauty specialist, ayurvedic coach, and body therapist based in Miami. She was a student of the famous Indian doctor Deepak Chopra in The Chopra Center and represents him in the US and Brazil, focusing her career in beauty maintenance and health through natural and preventive practices.

According to the Ayurveda Philosophy, Renata has collaborated with precious knowledge to compose the luxurious Midsummer Skin Body Oils focusing on the balance of each one of the Doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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  • This synergistic blend of botanical oils and pure essential oils detoxifies  the body while also enabling a highly soothing and renewing self-care routine.
  • Aromatherapy uses essential oils' potent ingredients to enhance emotions, change pathways, and balance the mind. This oil blend was developed to help you balance your doshas.

Ideal for

  • VATA: This dosha represents cold, dry, light, irregular, and changing characteristics. When in balance, this dosha, which is ruled by the elements ether and air, displays happiness, vitality, and clarity. Vata is prone to stress, anxiety, and restlessness when out of equilibrium. We balance Vata by using warming oils and grounding herbs to assist Vata to establish greater focus.
  • PITTA: In Ayurveda, the driven pitta dosha has a lot of intensity and inner fire. Cooling ingredients are used in this luxurious body oil to provide waves of relaxation.
  • KAPHA: People of Kapha nature are ruled by the elements of water and earth. They are prone to poor circulation, and congestion. When Kapha is out of balance, tends to be slow, inflexible, and attached. We balance kapha to rejuvenate, energize, and restore your body  to awake and encourage forward momentum.

How to use

Directions: For the bath, begin filling with comfortably warm water. Liberally add oil to tub's running water to desired amount and aroma. For use as a massage oil, we recommend to warm it putting the required quantity into a secure container for heating. (Microwaving is not recommended.) Massage oil into skin, starting from your feet and working up towards your whole body using circular motions, working in a clockwise direction. Spend 5-15 minutes massaging and then either prepare to sleep or wait 20 minutes, to allow the powerful oils time to penetrate deeply into the skin before get dressed.

Key ingredients

  • therapeutic grade pure essential oils natural and organic cosmetic certified by ecocert greenlife following ecocert standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com
  • 100% of ingredients are from natural origin. cruelty free, kosher certified.

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