About Us

midsummer skin is a dermocosmetic skincare collection that has been sourced by nature and created by science. the formulas consist of bioactive phytonutrients, botanical stem cells, and carefully curated active ingredients. scientifically created and dermatologically approved, the line excels in age-reverse technology along with skin rejuvenation. midsummer effectively innovates, using epigenetic science, so that skin is treated rather than just covering imperfections. inspired by neuroscience, the line supports both prevention and treatment.
the midsummer line has been researched, created, developed, and improved in a fully accredited FDA state-of-the-art laboratory. midsummer ingredients are always pharmaceutical-grade. each formula is tested in vitro for safety by experienced chemists and clinically tested by physicians to validate efficacy. the lab also utilizes human volunteers for clinical trials as an alternative to animal testing. midsummer never tests on animals and never will test on animals. they are our friends!
midsummer is a premium line of products that provide a luxurious experience through the radiance of nature. midsummer believes nature makes way for science. midsummer believes in the power of research, science, and the healing nature of plants. midsummer skin is scientific skincare through the radiance of nature.