and how the brand was born...

Ericka Dichy, the Brazilian-born brain behind one of the most inventive skincare lines on the market, didn’t create Midsummer Skin to cash in on the ever-growing beauty and wellness market. Instead, the passion and drive behind Ericka’s innovative, neurocosmetic skincare collection is personal, and begins years ago, when Ericka was only 14 years old.

Just entering high school, Ericka was visiting a friend in her home city of Sao Paulo when a dog attacked her, causing severe skin and tissue damage to her face. She had eight surgeries, skin grafts, and endless treatments with renowned Brazilian and American dermatologists, and still, her 158 stitches left physical and emotional scars that Ericka couldn’t put behind her.

At age 20, Ericka set out on a quest for freedom and independence, and found herself on the beaches of Buzios, a charming fishing village north of Rio de Janeiro. A magical place considered a mandatory stopover for tourists, celebrities can be seen strolling on the Rua das Pedras, a street filled with shops and extremely delightful restaurants.

The city became famous in 1964 when Brigitte Bardot first visited it with her Brazilian boyfriend. She loved the village so much that she declared it her favorite vacation spot, launching it into the mainstream. Since then, a litany of world stars, from Mick Jagger to Madonna, has followed her path.

In this luxurious tropical air, full of beautiful people with golden skin, Ericka felt like she had found paradise on earth.

Ericka Dichy Midsummer Skin Founder in Buzios 1992

Alone for the first time in her life, Ericka needed cash. To survive, she used the delicious recipes she learned from her mother and started walking along the beach selling sandwiches to tourists.

Over time, Ericka’s little sandwiches became famous with the locals, and as they became more familiar with one another, people would ask her about the scars and muscle paralysis on her face.

Ericka’s answer — a dog bite wound — was not so simple, as it contained within it almost a decade’s worth of emotional trauma. Still plagued by nightly visions of the attack, the well-meaning questions made Ericka question her worth and purpose.

One evening, while sitting on rocks in the ocean, the waves gently splashing her feet and the Buzios night air warm on her skin, she considered her journey of independence, and what purpose she was meant to fulfill.

Like so many brilliant ideas born out of the ashes of heartache, Ericka made a decision to use everything that had happened to her for the good of herself and the world around her.

She didn’t know it yet, but on that midsummer evening, her commitment started her on a path that would eventually lead to the production of what is now

Midsummer Skin

Ericka returned home and began to research how she could heal her skin. As she planned, she spoke to dermatologists, scientists, plastic surgeons, and biochemists.

She was invited to travel with some of these professionals to participate in congresses, and together with a team of health professionals who shared her vision, with the support of her mother, to invest in research and participate in tests of various products from all over the world.

From their joint successes, Ericka, along with what became her “dream team” of doctors, pharmaceuticals and chemists, began to create a skincare line that could heal her own damaged and scarred skin.

Ericka’s mission was to develop a new line of cosmetics that had, as a fundamental base, the ingredients that reconstituted not only her skin, but also the recovery of tissue and nerve injuries, improving her muscular movement and finally making her scars invisible.

Her destiny was set. Even without understanding the grandeur of her dreams, she had to move to the United States to accompany her husband. She took the opportunity to continue her research on the latest treatments with the most renowned professionals in the field of cosmetics.

Midsummer Skin Neurocosmetics are formulated with ultimate technology and scientific knowledge resources in a state of the art laboratory. It's the power of plants and active pro-grade ingredients interaction. 

A premium product line based on neuroscience, ingredients derived from nature, sustainably extracted. A combination of biotechnological phytonutrients, botanical stem cells and pharmaceutical actives, carefully cured by Ericka’s team of renowned researchers, pharmacists, chemists and dermatologists.

The company strives for continuous innovation without losing human values ​​and roots, it's a breakthrough for healthy skin! Today, Ericka lives in Miami with her husband and two sons, and continues to build her brand, Midsummer Skin, while still enjoying the sun and sand, and the energy of life on the water (wearing lots of sunscreen every day, of course)!
,br> Ericka’s life is a story of dedication to something greater than herself. She has loved watching her brand grow to change the lives of people all over the world. But if you ask her about the greatest success in her life, she’d tell you it’s that night on the shore, watching the waves roll in, and refusing to allow her life circumstances to take her under.

The biggest goal in Ericka’s life is to inspire others to pursue their own passion. Her mindset played an important role in her entrepreneurial journey. She believes that everything depends on approaching the obstacle, overcoming one’s own difficulties and thinking about what can be done, accepting the challenge of it.

“It wasn't easy to have a disfigured face in the first year of high school, just when girls' vanity is at the top.” says Dichy. “ But I decided to reinvent myself and encourage the recovery of everyone who has gone through similar problems to make peace with their appearance, like I did. 

Later I realized that I could extend this benefit to a greater number of people: after all, time also leaves marks on our faces. I believe that aging is a gift, a luxury that not everyone is entitled to.”

“I decided to reinvent myself and encourage the recovery of everyone who has gone through similar problems to make peace with their appearance, like I did.” 

We must grow old gracefully, being comfortable with our healthy appearance. Our formulas wake up and renew your skin naturally, without compromising your health for beauty" says Dichy.

Ericka invites you to explore Midsummer Skin, a company that doesn't compromise your health for beauty,  that believes we must live in thanksgiving for our bodies and the breath in our lungs.

Unlike companies who promote anti-aging at all costs, Midsummer is helping our customers age with grace and health, embracing each step with deep gratitude for our skin.

Midsummer Skincare A concept birthed on a summer’s eve by a free-spirit, passed on to you.

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