What Is Glass Skin And How To Achieve It?

By now, you've probably seen this glass skin trend that's been taking social media by storm. Models with radiant skin that doesn't look artificial but instead gives an aura of healthiness and purity. We're all looking for the next quick hack or fix that can make our skin look even better, and right now, you can make your skin look amazing with a simple yet effective skincare routine. But, let's not jump ahead of ourselves. I know your time is precious, but with skincare products and routines, you must get a sense of what it's about, how it can apply to your daily life, and what ingredients you should be using when trying it for yourself.


But What is this Glass Skin Everyone is Talking About?

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In simple terms, glass skin refers to perfectly smooth skin.that's so pristine and immaculate that it resembles glass. Before you drag yourself down by saying you can't possibly get "perfect" skin let alone glass skin, we're going to tell you a little secret. Perfect and poreless skin isn't real, but a healthy and beautiful skin that glows and has a bounciness to it is achievable by anybody willing to commit to their skin goals. You have to remember that the models you see on social media suffer from blemishes, dark spots, and other common concerns and if they can have healthy skin, why can't you? Instead of thinking glass skin is impossible to achieve since it's the "perfect skin" you'll never possess. Think about glass skin as the healthiest skin you can have if you follow and use some of the tips below.   

So, what is this "Classified Information"?

The first step to any skincare routine is to exfoliate since you want your skin clean and ready. It shouldn't be a surprise that exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, blemishes, and flakes is an obvious first step to achieving healthy skin. But, the amount of times you exfoliate your face is also essential since overdoing it can cause more harm and ultimately bring a lot more problems. Be gentle when exfoliating and use soft scrubs that don't break your natural skin barrier, or you'll be left with increased moisture loss, irritation, or even worse, micro-tears in the skin. Use a "less is more" mindset when thinking about exfoliation to minimize the chances of causing injuries to your skin barrier. An efficient way to exfoliate can be by using chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy acids since it helps shed dead skin and leave you with a smooth skin that looks and feels fantastic.

Glass skin starts with a radiant exfoliation:

A good option for you can be our Midsummer REVIVE GLOW exfoliator. It prevents irritation by using pure Sugar Cane Glycolic Acid, which dissolves all of the dead skin cells without harming the healthy cells underneath. This exfoliator will leave your face feeling baby-smooth and with a healthy glow. Remember to always check the ingredients of any skincare product and talk to your dermatologist before applying any acid or harsh chemical to your skin.

Awake your skin with  Vitamin C E, and Ferulic Acid and let the Niacinamide reduce skin inflammation!

After this, you'll want to consider a long-term way to boost your skin's natural luminosity. We suggest you try a highlighting serum like our Midsummer Vitamin C Supercharged Serum It's one of our original formulas created especially for glass skin since it contains vitamin C, which repairs damaged skin, evens out your skin tone, and stimulates collagen production. It also comes with a combo of vitamin E, Ferulic, Panthenol, and Niacinamide. Dr. Patricia K. Farris, a board-certified dermatologist and  a nationally recognized expert in anti-aging therapies who is also known for her holistic approach, says at Dermatology Times that "Niacinamide has broad anti-inflammatory activity" and "is generally regarded as the most efficacious" anti-aging ingredient.

This Cosmeceutical is a do-it-all ingredient that excels at reducing inflammation while helping even out and brighten your skin tone.

Niacinamide, at midsummer skin's  vitamin c e ferulic + b5 serum specific formula, also gives a dewy sheen to your skin, so you can start getting a glass skin appearance in no time.

Encapsulated Retinol penetrates deeply enhancing the glass skin look


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Retinols are another excellent pick for smooth skin since they help regulate skin cell turnover while improving your overall collagen production. A perfect option for you would be our Midsummer Supreme Retinol since the formula encapsulates the retinol to be released deep within the skin to avoid any annoying skin irritations. This product is also paired with nourishing lipids that help keep the skin moisturized and smooth, further allowing you to achieve your glass skin goals.




It's not enough to just hydrate, you need to keep your skin moisturized and the skin's protective barrier protected

Now that we mentioned moisturizer, we have to talk about it, right? It's an essential part of any glass skin routine since you want to nourish your skin as much as possible. While we recommend using moisturizer to everybody, it's important they use a good one that improves their skin over time, like our  Midsummer H-Acqua Power. This moisturizer helps keep your skin hydrated and smooth throughout the way while protecting it from everything around you. At the end of the day, glass skin is just a very healthy skin treated and nourished daily. So it's time for you to treat your skin correctly and give it all the love and care it deserves! We promise you will see astounding results after a few weeks.

talk soon.



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